Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why I Blog

You're probably asking yourself - "Why am I reading this?" and "Why are you blogging?"
Let me help you:

Because I have a voice and something to say.
Because I want to say it before I die
Because I'm tired of other people telling me what to think and say.
Because I think that middle-aged women share my thoughts and opinions.
Because writing and publishing  a book is way to political, costly and stressful.
Because the millennium generation isn't the only group capable of Web 2.0, and though they may be prolific with Tweeter, Face Book, You Tube etc., I have way more life experiences and a view from the West.
Because I want too.
Because I can!

The View From Cali will consist of a collection of posts that reflect my opinions on current issues, not so current issues, aging, death, love, sex and rock and roll. Though my posts will be entertaining in nature, I do intend to share my opinions on my view on interesting, hot topics of the day - like:

Why does the GOP hate women?
If we go over the cliff will the net appear ( Leap and the net will appear!)
Why is Idris Elba so hot?
Are women over 50 sexy?
Is there really sex after 40? 
Does the right to the pursuit of happiness include health care?
The simple pleasures of strawberries and whipped cream.

I hope you enjoy the reading.  I hope you give a moment of thought to the topics. I hope it makes you smile.  And if nothing else, it will confirm for me that I really can write and that my voice is strong.